Genres You Need To Follow In South Florida in 2012

If you're reading this you've found yourself in South Florida for yet another year. Although it may not be your heart's desire, you can't let it go to waste. Rejoice! Because you're in an area flocked with the oddest assortment of musical varieties that one state can handle. To be best prepared for the upcoming year, check out these genres and artists locally on which you should keep an eye.


Think dubstep combined with the flair of Latin music, this chapter of electronic music has merely begun to take hold in South Florida. For its invention credit Dave Nada, half of Nadastrom, who birthed it on the fly at a midday kid's fiesta by playing DJ Chuckie's Dutch house record "Moombah" at reggaeton tempos. It's grown into its own beast, and can be heard increasingly at different bass-heavy parties around South Florida. Here's an example from .357 magnum:

.357 Magnum-

Beachy Rap

The cheerfulness of the local sun and lapping ocean have seeped into our recording studios reaching even some of the most potent lyricists. These lovely local hip-hop acts in particular are propelling into the spotlight.

Rich Kid Sound System-"Not Far From Home"

MAYDAY- "Crossroads & Avenues"

Llamabeats- "Sick Of It All"

Indie Rock

It'll never go away. It's been here since you were a moody teenager and now as you've grown up, so has this homemade rock. The acts can sometimes seem to blur, but a few front-runners are making strides in their field and are aching for you to come along with them. Just hit play.

Radioboxer-"White Trash"

White Boy Reggae

Don't let John Mayer and Jason Mraz ruin it for the rest of them. There are still some tasteful expressions of the kind left and you can find them a couple in the area. Let's hear how great life is from someone who lives where life is good

Chris Cab- "Good Girls"

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Join the New Times community and help support independent local journalism in South Florida.