Get the Industrial Shock via 16 Volt at Respectable Street

Industrial rockers usually work alone — something akin to a mad scientist in the lab, solo, at all hours of the night. 16 Volt's Eric Powell is no exception. A one-man machine since 1988, Powell's been machinating within the fringes of the industrial scene, releasing seven full-lengths, a couple of "best of" albums, a few singles and EPs, and a shitload of compilation-only tracks. Powell surrounds himself with really good musicians who understand his craft for touring and recording purposes, and 16 Volt's live shows are in line with genre heavies Ministry and Skinny Puppy: a good mix of abrasive and danceable.

Chemlab is another long-running project (1989) that has pioneered the U.S. "coldwave" genre by taking the better pages out of the Throbbing Gristle playbook and will be a symbiotic addition to the evening's lineup. Relatively newer on the scene, Left Spine Down blends digital hardcore with elements of punk rock and drum 'n' bass for a chaotic and circus-like atmosphere of musical pain that is actually a good thing in this context. Fort Lauderdale's Miss FD is no stranger to the scene, and her recordings as Frightdoll have garnered positive reviews and a European tour in 2007. Don't sleep on her gothic piano work.

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Abel Folgar