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Ghost Heads to Revolution Live This Spring

Everyone has that friend that pisses and moans about how South Florida never receives any decent tours. While there is certainly some truth in the observation that many acts skip the trip down the eight hours of weirdness that is Florida, today you can satisfy your inner contrarian and tell them that they're wrong!

In the past month alone, South Florida's death-metal fans have enjoyed rare performances by bands including Carcass and Enslaved. Industrial fans and those with a lust for the ignorantly heavy can rejoice around the fact that Skinny Puppy, Jucifer, and Godflesh all have dates scheduled in the region. Arctic Monkeys played in Miami last night and Queens of the Stone Age hit the Magic City next week. It's as if every booking agency in the world suddenly remembered that South Florida is more than just a farm for weird news stories and prescription drugs! To ice the cake, it was announced this week that Ghost B.C. -- Sweden's most unholy kings of theatrical blasphemy -- will be hitting Fort Lauderdale's Revolution Live in the spring.

For the uninitiated, Ghost B.C.'s sound is best described as rock 'n' roll with a healthy dose of traditional heavy metal trappings. Under a consistent cloak of anonymity (perforated only by the most vigilant of would-be gumshoes spending too much time on internet forums), the band is led by the anti-pope himself, Papa Emeritus II, and has attracted even the interest of rock 'n' roll's current Chairman of the Board, Dave Grohl, who produced the covers EP the band released last year.

The spectacle the band creates is a mix of blaspheming mockery, heavy metal pageantry, and straight up rock show that is as much a social commentary as it is a living extension of metal's inherently cartoonish nature.

Ghost B.C. With King Dude. May 7, at Revolution Live, Tickets go on sale today at 10 a.m. They cost $20 plus fees. Visit

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