Girl Talk's Cat Sings Collective Soul "Shine"; Five Singing Feline Videos

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Yesterday afternoon, Gregg Gillis, AKA Girl Talk, shared on video on Facebook of his cat singing Collective Soul. And since we know that you -- and just about everyone else on the planet -- love watching cat videos, we couldn't resist sharing it. We also decided to throw in a few other musical cats that will certainly make this Friday morning a whole lot cuter.

Take a look at the shining Collective Soul cat and five other singing felines after the jump.

5. Game of Thrones Cat

Game of Thrones, the particularly addictive HBO fantasy, has people tripping out, just like you'll be after watching this crazy gato singing the show's theme. Fair warning, after about 30 seconds you might want to put it on silent.

4. Auto-Tune Cat

We're not really sure what to make of this cat singing in Auto-Tune. Is the cat sick or is just really great editing? What are they doing to the cat to make it's eyes so wide? Is that the cat's actually meow sound? So many questions!

3. Harmonica Cat

Here's a furry beast with some serious talent! Someone get this feline on tour right quick. We picture her sitting on a stool in a smokey, dimly lit club singing about empty tuna fish cans.

2. Sebastian the Singing Cat

Aw! How adorable is Sebastian! And what pipes this furry feline has! Wonder what the judges of America's Got Talent would think.

1. Christmas Cats

Meowy Christmas, everyone! This is definitely one of the more hilarious cat singing videos on the YouTube, especially when the cats are in reindeer antlers. Are ya kidding me? Oh you poor pets, we humans really do torture you. Of course we also feed you...

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