Girls That Look Like Skrillex Blog Features Local Afrobeta Songstress

One of the most lovable blogs on the internet is Men Who Look Like Old Lesbians. Don't lie, you love it. It's not nice, but not totally vicious. It's like if a picture of your dad ended up on there, you might be like, "Hm. He does kind of look like an old lesbian in that one." Besides, there's seriously nothing wrong with old lesbians, it's just funny that these guys look like them, and that is funny.

Enter Girls That Look Like Skrillex. When everyone got finished talking about girls who look like Bieber, we were granted with yet another feminine looking music man. Dubstep golden child Skrillex has the appearance of, well, a woman. A gothy old raver lady.

Luckily, someone got around to creating a blog documenting females who resemble him. Mostly, this means they have one side of their head shaved. [Full disclosure: This writer had the same haircut in 2008.]

Anyway, local gal Cuci Amador of the dance electro-pop duo Afrobeta made it on the site. Local girl made big! You can click here to see the beautiful lady who is much more lovely than Skrillex. We congratulate her if she's happy about it, and apologize if she's not.

Either way, we're glad to have just introduced you to another way to waste time at work.

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