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Giveaway: Inner Circle's State Of Da World CD and Autographed Poster

Jacob Katel
Ian Lewis of Inner Circle walks through the backyard at Circle House studios in North Miami
Inner Circle are the "Bad Boys of Reggae." If you've ever seen the TV show COPS then you know why -- they wrote the theme song. But Inner Circle aren't one-hit novelty wonders; the band has released 24 studio albums since 1974. These conscious dudes are among the few active reggae bands to have gotten to rock shows with Bob Marley, and are still going strong. Their new album State Of Da World proves it. Crossfade is giving away a copy of that album, as well as an autographed poster to the first commenter on this post. Make sure to leave your valid email address. For now, after the jump, check out these pictures we shot at Circle House. 

Roger Lewis, founding member of Inner Circle, and Ian's brother.
​By the way, Roger wants all our readers to know that he's looking for a "Nice Spanish girl. Maybe a Colombian, or a Venezuelan," but pretty much any nice Spanish girl. Interested parties should contact Roger at [email protected]
One of the studios in the Circle House compound.
Board in another studio.
Heather handles business at the front desk.
Studio head Abebe Lewis and Lourdes Hursh go over numbers.
Lourdes Hursh has been the business and operations manager for Inner Circle since about 1993. She says of the experience, "It's like the mafia. When they pull you in, you can't get out."
Out back.

For chillen.
Just kickin it
Ian Lewis shows Crossfade raw Ackee.

First commenter wins free cd and autogrpahed poster.

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Jacob Katel