Glee Season 4 Premieres Tonight on Fox: Five Reasons to Watch

The day has finally arrived! Glee returns to Fox for its fourth season, and it's looking pretty promising.

There is a handful of new cast members including A-Listers Kate Hudson and Sarah Jessica Parker. And we absolutely cannot wait to see where this season will take us. As you know, Rachel (Lea Michele) is off to New York City, while boyfriend Finn (Cory Monteith) might be military bound. And what about Kurt? Turned down by NYADA, will this mean the end of his performing career? So many questions that we're dying to have answered!

The one thing we do know is that tonight's Glee episode is not to be missed, and here's our list of five reasons why.

5. Kate Hudson
We absolutely love Kate Hudson. But we think it's time to see her out of that same ol' romcom role alongside Matthew McConaughey. Hudson is slated to play Rachel's dance teacher, Cassandra July. She'll appear in six episodes during the new season. But rumor has it the two actresses haven't exactly been getting along. Back in August, Hudson called longtime Glee cast member Lea Michele a "diva."

4. A duet number with Sue and Will.
Fox released this image of cast members Jane Lynch and Matthew Morrison all dressed up for what we can assume is some sort of musical duet. What song could they be performing together? Here's hoping it's something like "Puttin' on the Ritz." Lynch really knows how to ham it up in a tuxedo.

3. The music, duh.
Since the end of season three, we've had a serious void in our lives. We missed tuning in every week for our musical comedy fix. We know you did too. From Lady Gaga to Britney Spears and of course a bit of Whitney, there has been no shortage of pop music used in past seasons. But what else is there left to do? Hopefully, no Lana Del Rey.

2. Glee takes on the Big Apple.
A few of the cast members have made their way out of Ohio and to the Big Apple. We already know that Rachel is going to have some serious run-ins with her dance instructor. But what about Kurt? He may have not made the cut into NYADA with Rachel, but word has it he'll working alongside Sarah Jessica Parker's character at Vogue. It'll be interesting to see the various cast members away from the small town of Lima, Ohio.

1. The new class. While many of the New Direction alumni head out on new adventures, a handful of new faces will join the McKinley High roster.

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