Glorious Death Brings "Pure Death Metal" to Lake Worth with Album Release Party

Florida is the death-metal capital of the world, and South Florida loves its death metal more than just about anywhere in the entire universe. Being so, we have a wealth of gore-mongers churning out fresh metal filth all the time.

The Glorious Death, a band of Colombian ex-patriots that shreds the shores of Florida from a base in Boynton Beach, brings a "pure" death-metal assault to its music. Lake Worth will welcome the band's eponymous album debut on Friday with a metal bash sure to leave the floor of Propaganda littered and strewn with the remains of fans, battered, bruised, and broken by the celebratory onslaught.

Joining in the festivities is Florida thrash legend Cyst, Thrash or Die, and blackened death-metal band Virulentus. The night will no doubt provide something for all metal palates and an environment ideal for the sort of unbridled pagan savagery those with a thirst for blood require to complete the moshing ritual.

If you expect to survive the melee, it would do you well to stock up on laundry detergent and Mr. Clean Magic Eraser, as we have found they are the best tools for removing blood and scuffs from the surfaces of white high-tops.

Glorious Death. With Cyst, Thrash or Die, and Virulentus. 8 p.m. Friday September 6, at Propaganda, 6 S. J St., Lake Worth. Entrance is $5. Show is 18 and older. Call 561-547-7273, or visit Facebook.

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David Von Bader