Gold Dust Lounge's Russell Mofsky Is Raising $15,000 for Upcoming Album

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Although this is his first Kickstarter, Mofsky has done his research and can talk at length about all the strategies involved. "If you make 20 percent of your goal, your chances go up," Mofsky says. "There's a certain amount of snowball action. But 20 percent seems like a critical amount to get to. When you get there, it seems more viable."

The Kickstarter went live on midnight of Sept. 1. Just 10 hours later, it had 28 backers for a total of $2,891, almost exactly 20 percent of the $15,000 total, with 29 days to go.

Suddenly, $15,000 seems like a legitimate goal, not a wad that would require an angel investor.

"I'm feeling pretty optimistic about it, though I've never done a Kickstarter," Mofsky says. "Initially, I thought I would go for $7,000 to $10,000, but I don't think we can accomplish what we want to with that money."

With the $15,000, Mofsky plans to promote the album as well as print CDs and LPs. The actual creation of the album, Lost Sunset, has more or less been completed, but for the mastering. "It's grown in concept. We wanted to add some players after the fact, and we knew I was gonna do some solo pieces," Mofsky says. "We did six songs, and a couple weeks after that, I did some solo recordings, and then after that we added Juan Turros from Suenalo.

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