Goolsby is Alive and Has a New EP

Goolsby is Alive and Has a New EP

County Grind got a kindly note from one Paul Simundich yesterday -- giving further proof to the theory that artists who leave South Florida often continue their craft, and don't immediately disintegrate. Back in July, Simundich's outfit Goolsby announced it was hanging it up because he was moving to the Northeast. And things got a little less magical and catchy around here.

However, the aforementioned note springs forth with excellent news. Not only has Simundich rejuvenated Goolsby in his current New York digs, but there's a new EP titled Amanda (no Boston cover, though) circulating via Bandcamp.

A handful of the five tracks on the EP were circulating on the Goolsby CD-R distributed earlier this year, including "Wild Once," "Imaginary Friends," and "Intergalactic Love Song." Each has added breadth in these new recordsings. Be sure to get to the angsty, Pinkerton-perfect "Ladies," as well.

Simundich says another EP is coming in January, and some corresponding South Florida tour dates could follow.

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