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Goolsby Played Final Show Last Friday at Propaganda and Is Already Missed

Goolsby- "Wild Once" from Kelli Jurewicz on Vimeo.

Turns out that Friday's Goolsby show at Propaganda was the last one for the band. As a going-away present, videographer Kelli Jurewicz prepared the above video of highlights from the concert and added the message: "For Paul, Matt, Oz, Jeff, friends & fans of Goolsby. Once again, didn't spend much time on this video but thought it would be

a nice memory of Goolsby's last song/show at Propaganda in Lake Worth,

Florida. Goolsby lives."

In the band's brief run, County Grind witnessed at least two marvelous performances, and one of them was documented here. The Paul Simundich-fronted group from Boca Raton detailed here had been performing under the name only since early this year, but its charming, catchy rock songs like "Imaginary Friends" and "Wild Once" made an immediate impact. Goodbye, Goolsby. You'll always be more than an imaginary friend.

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