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Gorillaz Create New Album The Fall Entirely on an iPad and Release It for Free

If you just got an iPad for the holidays and are trying to figure out what to download on it, you might want to peep Gorillaz's new album, The Fall. Or you can just stream it from their website. Whatever.

Our favorite cartoon characters turned musicians claim all tracks were written and performed using the iPad, along with a few additional instruments. It was all recorded over 32 days while on their North American tour earlier this year. Talk about ambitious.

We're still pretty impressed that they used the iPad to write and record everything. And the songs? Well, they're a mishmashed love letter to some of their favorite stops, among them Arizona, Detroit, Dallas, and Aspen.

They combine unexpected sounds for each city, like a dreamy haze of synths for "Detroit" and "HillBilly Man," a track that starts off with a Radioheadesque somber feeling that's sung and played so softly, you almost have to glue your ear to the speaker to really appreciate it. It quickly picks up, though, and turns into an almost drum-machine and keyboard-induced amateur hour -- in a good way.

Apparently they used 20 different iPad applications to put the whole thing together, a big combo of heavy bass, synths, drums, and more. It's all computerized and almost makes us feel like it would be something Luke Skywalker would be jamming to in a space station.

Stream the 15-song album here.

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