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Gothic Corner: Dead Celebrities Invade Green Room for Black Friday

Green Room's weekly Black Friday event is letting those six feet under rise again on June 22, for the Dead Celebrity party. Partygoers are asked to dress as their favorite deceased musician, artist, or pop-culture icon, or hell, even a zombie, and dance the night away to the Goth anthems spun by DJs LinderSMASH and Kaos.

"Deceased fictional characters are also welcome," Linder tells us: ie: Heath Ledger's "Joker" or Kill Bill's Elle Driver, a.k.a. California Mountain Snake. "Does Agent Coulson from the Avengers, or Obi-Wan hold any less place in our hearts?" Linder asks, "Double points for being a character of a deceased celeb that died on screen like Cleopatra, or the Crow."

The idea was born from a request by local Goth-night regulars. "I loved the idea and ran with it," Linder says, "Working with their ideas makes the night better, it's a great community and scene we've built together." 

LinderSMASH and Kaos will share the decks with Big Boy and Killjoy who will also be in costume. Burlesque hotties Val Vampyre, Morgan La Rue, and Lisa Ann will be onsite to ensure the rules are followed, while breaking a few of their own as well. We thought it fitting to ask the four DJs and the lovely ladies of the night what they'll be dressing up as to inspire our own undead dead looks. 

Peter Steele

DJ LinderSMASH's favorite musician of the afterlife may be Peter Steele of Type-O-Negative, but he'll dawn a pair of shades and do his best to rep the man in black himself, Johnny Cash.


Tony Montana 
Kaos is going as notorious Cuban drug king-pin Tony Montana, but say hello to his little friend, er, or song, Eazy E's "Boyz N' Tha Hood," this DJs pick for best tune created by a dead celeb.

Johnny Cash
Guest DJ Killjoy's pick of Johnny Cash's "Folsom Prison Blues" could be considered an ironic theme song for his costume of James Dean.
Marilyn Monroe
Morgan La Rue is bringing Marilyn Monroe back from an early and mysterious grave, and her pick of Mr. Blue Eyes and Sammy Davis Junior's "Me and My Shadow" fits. We can only imagine Norma Jean, Frank, and Sammy smiling down from the heavens at this Black Friday. 

Fellow Guest DJ Big Boy will scare the dirt right off of your floor when he brings infomercial megastar Billy Mays back to life, and Val Vampyre's Amy Winehouse is sure to make us all want to smoke a little something funny. 

Black Fridays Dead Celebrity event, tonight at Green Room, 109 SW Second Ave, Fort Lauderdale. 

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