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Green Room Bids Farewell to Brown Bag Wednesdays with SIN, MeRCY, J. Nics, QuESt, and REKS

It all started mid-week this past February with a DJ set and impromptu concert by Talib Kweli, and it will come to an end with a REKS headlined showcase. Sadly, Green Room's hop-hop night Brown Bag Wednesdays hosts its final event this week with Numonics, Hazardis Soundz, DJ Klassik, DJ Heron, freestyle battles, and performances by South Florida's MeRCY, J. Nics, QuESt and SIN.

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Since its inception, Brown Bag Wednesday has provided local hip-hop heads the opportunity to view some of their favorite underground acts in an intimate environment in a city where such events are scarce. "It was up-and-coming guys. Guys that you could see kind of taking the next step like Ab-Soul and Action Bronson," said Ian Bohan of Green Room and Revolution Live of the weekly party. "But then there's also the guys like Talib and Dead Prez and Das EFX. Those guys that have done their time and contributed to the underground hip-hop scene."

The weekly event also provided local artists with a stage to show off and refine their skills.

"It's improved my stage presence a lot," said artist SIN. "I've

done the majority of my last shows there. I feel like every time I've performed, I really grew. I wouldn't have known a lot of these other artists that I met

out there if it wasn't for that too."

Unfortunately, the event has been unable to cross over with

Green Room's other nights and find a strong following willing to show up every

Wednesday night, but was able to stay afloat for the impact it provided for the

music scene.

"It definiately gave artists such as I, unsigned artists,

unheard voices, a platform where you could really showcase your talent," said

MeRCY, who opened up for Action Bronson in June. "There's not that many places

or outlets that could set up a big platform for unsigned artists of that type

of caliber to put you in situations where you could rock out with Ab-Soul or

rock out with Action Bronson. You expect to go to shows or performances from

those people of that criteria more in Miami or Orlando."

So, as we bid farewell to a night that deserved more

attention than it received, let us raise our Colt .45s wrapped in brown paper bags, and toast to the event that gave hip-hop fans something to look forward to

every week on Wednesdays. You will be missed.

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