Green Room Releasing Artist Compilation, Launches CD Cover Contest

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We love contests! We love local venues! We love exclaiming our love for things! Attention, artists and likers of prizes: One of Fort Lauderdale's hottest nightclubs, Green Room, is holding one hell of a competition. It is releasing a free compilation CD that will feature songs from every band to perform there -- and thus it would include John Ralston, Lavola, the Band in Heaven, Astrea Corporation, Ryan Alexander, Retrocities, and more. All you need to do is design a cover, send it to them, be judged, and maybe win a $50 gift certificate! Boom!

We're going to enter the contest ourselves, so we can show you how easy it is. When working as a graphic designer, it's important to consider your client. So let's think about Green Room for a minute. It's a dance club, a rock club, a bar, an art gallery, and a place where South Florida creatives get loose. It seems like the utopia Shredder used to lure stray teens into joining the Foot Clan.

All right, this is good. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles fought the Foot Clan, Ninja Turtles are green. Green Room, get it? The Turtle Lair was supercool too -- but we don't want to equate Green Room with a sewer. Since it is a contest and we do want to win, maybe we should avoid the obvious green motifs. This is tough. What if everyone is avoiding green because they think everyone is using green? Let's try a Ninja Turtle design out.

It's not too green. But, meh, it's just OK. And what if we can't get the copyright? Our art should be mass-produced! The rules are, there are no rules -- but there are laws! Everything goes, until you go to court. So, just in case that item gets shredded (ha!), here's a couple more.

Let's just feel our passion. Remember Passions? It was the soap opera with the little magical doll that would turn into a magical little boy. He is the perfect graphical symbol for artistic expression.

If the fine folks at Green Room aren't "Team Timmy," this might not win. But the winner is based on your votes. Overthrow the powers that be and say yes to Timmy, Tabitha, and NBC's classic daytime schedule.

We encourage you to enter the contest too. It's actually pretty hard coming with something -- as you can see. Not feeling the TMNT or Passions? We feel you groaning at us. Let's just go with a club vibe and paint it green! We have the perfect picture of a guy and girl drunkenly making out on the dance floor.

You like? It's cool if you don't like. You can enter your own in the contest. We won't be mad if you win the $50 -- or we won't tell you if we are. Even if you submit a really bad one, you get a free drink -- totally worth it. Also, if you have friends who are really good at design or drawing, tell them about it. You have until Friday, September 30! Don't let our bad designs win!

First Place: $50 Green Room gift certificate & 4 FREE tickets to a show at Revolution.
Second Place: $20 Green Room gift certificate.
All submissions, win or lose, will receive a FREE drink at Green Room.

Send entries to miguel@jointherevolution.net.

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Join the New Times community and help support independent local journalism in South Florida.


Join the New Times community and help support independent local journalism in South Florida.