Griselda Blanco, Ding-Dong the Wicked Godmother Is Dead; Five Cocaine-Friendly Narcocorrido Tunes

Immortalized by the Billy Corben series of Cocaine Cowboys documentaries, Griselda Blanco lead a life of power and fear mongering that afforded her very few friends and a vastly diminished family. The Godmother, AKA the Black Widow, AKA La Dama, was the cocaine Queenpin of the '70s and '80s. She is as much a part of South Florida's violent drug history as she is of her Colombian motherland's.

Nobody fucked with the Godmother and got away with it for long. Except that this past Labor Day, while we rested, a pair of laborious sicarios in Medellín gunned her down as she finished her shopping at a butcher shop. And yes, we see the joke in that last sentence.

Now, we are not ones to shy away from useless lists and attempts at stirring up a little dialogue and/or controversy. Especially figuring that songs championing the causes of criminals and drug dealers have been around for roughly eighty or so years, we're sending the Godmother off on her slow descent with some tunes about people she's likely to meet in the afterlife.

Borrowing heavily from the reenergized narcocorrido genre that's been around in Mexico since the 1930s, this here list looks at some of the better known representatives of the music. As you'll see for these musicians, the arts of music and drug smuggling are almost interchangeable since violent deaths (or attempts at them) seem to be the common result.

Enjoy that while you drop a hard-earned 20 bucks on yeyo this weekend.

5. Ncredable - "The Real Scarface"

This little ditty by the

same man

who brought us "Michelle Obama Ass" closes

Cocaine Cowboys II: Hustlin' With the Godmother

and deals with the Godmother's relationship to her Oakland boy-toy and right-hand man Charles Cosby.

4. Gerardo Ortiz - "Los Duros de Colombia"

This one is a rarity since it is a Mexican musician paying full homage to the Colombian advancements in the business as opposed to homegrown heroes like the Sinaloa Cartel. It goes without saying that a few attempts on


life have gone down with one claiming his cousin and manager,

Ramiro Caro


3. Valentin Elizalde - "A Mis Enemigos"
Valentin Elizalde

should've stuck to singing songs about his friends and not his enemies, since his enemies ended up being the violently poetic

Zetas of Tamaulipas

who did not appreciate his set list on November 25, 2006.

2. Los Capos de Mexico - "El Cabrón"

This slow banger by

Los Capos de Mexico

is not so much about the glory of the bandit but the glory of the user 


it is oh so danceable. Even the fake AK breaking the pace is forgivable. I'd like to see some


dancing to this!

1. Zayda y Los Culpables - "Atrévete"

Here's an interesting one.


and her merry band of "guilty men" were only guilty of


love songs and dancing needs. But somehow, she managed to piss some cartel off enough to be gunned down after a show on November 30, 2007. When the gunmen failed to "seal the deal" that night, they burst into the hospital where she was being treated and executed her in bed.

Nice. And your mom threw a hissy-fit when you came home with gangster rap records back in '94.

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