Groove Cruise Sets Sail January 23

Now in its fifth consecutive year, Miami's Groove Cruise has provided terminally-chic partiers with their own floating dance club and a spring-break-for-adults type of hedonistic experience. Past cruises have showcased alot of dime a dozen unknown DJs, but this year patrons are in for quite a treat. The infinitely in-demand Deadmau5 will be coming on board, in rather unprecedented fashion, along with a dozen other considerably less famous DJs. After his last show at Mansion, it seems more like a nightmare than an escapist dream vacation being trapped at high seas with Deadmau5's migraine-inducing live cacophony. The again, maybe now that he's selling out to the lowest common denominator he'll tone down a bit and lay out the commercial cookie-cutter dance crap these meat heads love.

Whet Travel, exclusive purveyor of online bookings for this cruise, is now claiming that 99% of tickets are sold out. Visit their website at and you might still get lucky.

Watch the Groove Cruise promo video after the jump.


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