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Grrrly Talk: Fort Lauderdale's Murderous Rampage New Video "Eating, Drinking, Shitting"

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​The song title "Eating, Drinking, Shitting," a single off Murderous Rampage's recent self-titled album, doesn't inspire much, at least at first. If anything, it has the opposite effect, bringing to mind back-to-the-basics, Jurassic-age living. And it's a pretty tame title as far as the genre goes (think Embalming Theatre's "I Want My Gay Boyfriend to Eat Me Alive" or Last Days of Humanity's "Choked in Anal Mange," an album that was split with another band called Cock and Ball Torture.)

The video for this song, which was released Thursday, is deliciously horror-ific, but proved a little ambiguous for me and some of my literate friends who got a bit ahead of ourselves in analyzing the video's symbolism. Like Murderous Rampage's last video, the production quality is great, includes lots of cool special effects, and is legitimately interesting to watch. At first, the storyline seems to incorporate typical suburban domestic-imprisonment themes. A '50s-type conventional-looking housewife takes to killing some pretty fine-looking ladies, as the husband slaves away at an annoying 9-to-5 job. The wife feeds her victims to her husband for dinner. So "Eating, Drinking, Shitting" refers to the husband digesting the bodies.

But to my friends, "eating, drinking, shitting" seemed to imply some discontent with the monotony of keeping house and the insanity that ensues. And when the protagonist takes off his work shirt, we thought for sure he was symbolically shedding his miserable existence. At least that's what we saw, among other hilarious interpretations. After all, horror has always been ripe for discussion about what scares us, why we choose to watch horrific things, why we think it's funny, etc.

So here are some fun but fairly ridiculous discussion questions about the video, which you can watch after the jump:

Why do sexy, scantily-clad ghosts emerge from the husband's nether regions?

Do all ghosts wander around in their underwear? Or is it only sexy-lady ghosts

Do you think the husband and wife made a good couple?

Don't you think the wife's wave at her husband was a little too enthusiastic/sketchy? I sure did. Could counseling or divorce have helped the two?

Is the wife bored, insane, evil? Is evil sexy? (Why or why not?)

Would she eat her children if she had any?

Is this Murderous Rampage's take on Diary of a Mad Housewife?

Murderous Rampage play The Bubble January 22. Admission is $5 and up.

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