Guess Where I'm Peeing: A Touch of Irish Class

Guess Where I'm Peeing: A Touch of Irish Class

Guess Where I'm Peeing is toilet humor, plain and simple, set in the scenic restrooms of South Florida. We post 'em, you name 'em.

For the premiere of our newest, most tasteless feature, we bring you to a bathroom stall in a popular Fort Lauderdale haunt. If you happen to see a New Times staffer here drinking, he or she generally means business.

Guess Where I'm Peeing: A Touch of Irish Class
Michael J. Mooney

If you examine the photo closely, you'll see the bathroom looks remarkably clean and kind of classy (especially for the kind of places we hang out). But it's not so classy you won't find the occasional stray, mostly-cashed rolls of toilet paper hanging around. Note the dark, stone walls (hint: they're part of some relatively recent renovations.)

So what do you win if you're the first to successfully name this bathroom?

(Insert game show announcer voice) It's a very special prize package indeed: You get to tag along with New Times' very own Calendar Editor Mickie Centrone for an evening, as she enjoys (and documents) some of South Florida's most exciting (and debauched) parties. Though you'll still probably have to pay for your own drinks and drugs (and definitely provide your own transportation), you'll have a professional partier to escort you (not that kind of escort) through the entertaining nightlife scene.

A note: Guess Where I'm Peeing wasn't all our idea. Here's a shoutout to the equally tasteless (and slightly more original) writers at the music blog at our sister paper, the Denver Westword.

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