It was scary, like this
It was scary, like this

GWAR at Revolution, October 7


with the Casualties
Revolution, Fort Lauderdale
Thursday, October 7, 2010

The review:
Giant creatures descended upon Revolution in Fort Lauderdale on Thursday night for a furious evening of fluid exchange and heavy metal... oh, and GWAR played too. From the cool safety of the balcony, the conditions in the mosh pit appeared to be almost as horrific as the famously violent stage show of the world's most cherished band of evil beasts. A raucous set by seasoned punkers the Casualties and an intermission Sabbath sing-along had the sweaty monsters of the audience roaring for the main act: "GWAR! GWAR! GWAR! GWAR!..."

Preceding the band were two strange, twisted, shrunken-head type characters who hopelessly wandered the stage as the crowd's blood lust reached its fist-clenching peak. Then frontman (or frontmonster) Oderus Urungus decapitated the poor creatures and showered the elated crowd with the first blood of the night. Urungus was the centerpiece of the cartoonish stage show. He donned horns-a-plenty, a bare white ass, and a giant cock monster that undoubtedly caused unconscious orifice clenching for all who looked it dead in the eye.

Besides the deadly dong, many other creatures would join the six thrashing metal monsters of GWAR on stage throughout the night. Among the blood spouters were Pookie, a rescue dog from the Michael Vick School of Animal Torture; Lady Gaga, who rocked a toilet dress and shit hat and shot blood from her nipples; and Sarah Palin, whose guts were thrown all over the room to ensure that there is "no fucking way" that she will become president.

One poor friend of GWAR's, who was named Bone Snapper, was killed in an onstage battle halfway through the show. To appease the mourning, they brought his corpse out later for a funeral that consisted of a messy degutting and beating him over the head with his own arm. By the evening's final battle, Bone Snapper was good as new, splashing puke and happy as could be.

After a good hour of thrashing, stabbing, spewing and social commentary, the band briefly left the stage. The crowd stood beckoning the gruesome heroes for more gore as the myriad fluids they'd collected from each other and the beasts on stage began to dry into a sticky, hellish film on their skin. For the encore, the panting crowd finally got the sweet jizz of the monster cock.

Critic's Notebook:

Personal bias: I was really touched (splashed) by the way the band opened up (wounds) and shared what was inside (guts).

Random detail: My ears are still ringing. I'm not sure whether it's because of the loud rock music or if there is a bell choir of GWAR-sperm-worshiping Satan in my brain.

By the way: New Times recently chatted with the head beast (Urungus, not his monstrous member). Read the interview here.

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