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GWAR Spills Its Guts at Revolution

Pop stars and rock bands come and go, but GWAR claims to have lasted for more than 40 billion years, subsisting on crack alone. After originating from a Nordic-inspired, dildo-wearing freak show in a galaxy far away, the band made Antarctica's icy wasteland its headquarters to inflict pain and suffering on the world by creating Hitler, various plagues, and George W. Bush.

In actuality, GWAR's raunch metal began in 1985 at Virginia Commonwealth University and has seemed to last the equivalent of 40 billion years by music-industry standards — doing it all with costumes, wild antics, and tongue-in-cheek frat-boy humor that was never intended for frat boys. GWAR's latest tour, supporting its album Bloody Pit of Horror, will celebrate 25 years of guts and glory and celebrities' insides. The music itself consists of violence-themed, heavy thrash metal. But who goes to GWAR for the music? This is seeing Lady Gaga disemboweled, Hillary Clinton and John McCain decapitated, and Justin Bieber's annoying haircut go the way of the scalp.

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Erica K. Landau

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