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GWIP: A Beautiful Beach Scene... in the Bathroom

Guess Where I'm Peeing is toilet humor, plain and simple, set in the scenic restrooms of South Florida. We post 'em, you name 'em.

For this GWIP, we take you to a urinal with scenic beauty. Yes, the air may smell like a foul combination of stale beer, vomit, and stray urine, but these painted walls take you to a different, more peaceful world.

In this Fort Lauderdale bar haunt haunted bar bar, we have a painted hut by the water, a tiny pier, a small boat, and even a little life saver in case you fall into the painted ocean and need rescuing. (If you do, you've probably had too much to drink, and you'll probably smell like pee for a while.)

On the other wall, there's more beach scene, plus a tricky waste basket. (The trick is: Your "prize" is a cleaner bathroom to pee in.)

Can you name this "tee-tee" room?

Also: If, for our last installment of GWIP, you guessed Yak-zies in Pompano Beach, you truly know your urination stations.

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Michael J. Mooney