Hallex.M and Lisa Shaw Play The Clevelander on Friday

​It seems Miami hasn't had a proper house music party since WMC, which is why we couldn't pass up a shout out to this Friday night's "Therapy" throw-down at the Clevelander Hotel in South Beach, featuring underground house favorites Hallex.M and Lisa Shaw, along with Saraswati Miami's DJ Ivan Diaz. DJ/producer Hallex.M  runs the United Music label and has been one of France's top house exports since the mid '90s, having toured extensively across Europe and North America, playing alongside such EDM luminaries as Laurent Garnier, Derrick May, Quentin Harris, Osunlade, and Dixon.

Lisa Shaw is an ubiquitous and renowned vocalist/diva with longstanding ties to the North American house music community. In 2009, she garnered major international accolades with the release of her second album Free, which showcases her signature high-soaring vocals accompanied by the soulful bouncy house grooves of producers Miguel Migs, Dave Warrin, and Tim K. With its tropical ocean-front setting, late-night drink specials, and killer lineup, "Therapy" at The Clevelander is the ideal way to get your Friday night Afro-Latin house fix.

Hallex.M and Lisa Shaw. Friday, May 7, 11 p.m.-5 a.m. The Clevelander, 1020 Ocean Drive, Miami Beach.

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Sean Levisman