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Halloween MP3s: Awesome New Republic and Protoman

With its plentiful unsavory tattoos, botched plastic surgery, and fashion choices that either look like dungeon wear or parrot barf, South Florida is a bit like Halloween every day of the year. The days surrounding October 31 are the days when freakish behavior and appearance is openly embraced, and two South Florida artists are reveling in the madness.

Two vastly different Halloween tracks greet us: Awesome New Republic's spooky/sappy "Bad Shit" and Protoman's straight-ahead ode to the menace of the living dead, "Locust Bite."

Awesome New Republic (or ANR, if you prefer) actually digs some really gory stuff -- look no further than their slasher-rich "Big Problem" video.

Dubbed "our Halloween ballad," the song "Bad Shit" might not scare you as much as it'll make you laugh ("cry" rhymes with "FBI," by the way). But that's what the best horror movies are all about: "I got into some bad shit, and now I'm going to pay for it/ because I got into a bad mood." This sappy piano will probably put you in a good one, though.
ANR - Bad Shit by 10Kislands

As for "Locust Bite," the latest of a small militia's worth of Protoman tracks leaked this year alone, things are far more ominous from the Party Monster's mouth. If you've never chanced to imagine a Haitian zombie's rotted face and body, this is the track for your perversions.

Proto's collaboration here is with the U.K.'s MCT Productions, and The Alliance album will feature tour tracks with his vocals. 

Protoman - Locust Bite by M.C.T Productions

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