Halloween Playlist: Ten Goriest Death-Metal Tracks

As you may well know, blood and guts are the new black. There are "Zombie Response Team" bumper stickers everywhere you look, people have shoddy zombiefied profile pictures on Facebook year round, and the undead have even eaten their way onto mainstream television with AMC's adaptation of the graphic novels The Walking Dead. Gore is in, and the music of bands like Carcass, Impaled, and Aborted are the perfect soundtrack for the current trend. 

With that in mind, and being that we are in the state that defined death metal, County Grind offers you a blood-soaked playlist of tunes to break you out of your pre-Halloween Misfits routine. Here are ten of the most gruesome songs you'll ever hope to hear.

Think of this batch of aural torture porn to be the sonic soulmate to the Saw

films. It can be easy to miss out on the lyrical content of death

metal, with all the screaming and growling, so be sure to verify what's

being said so you too can sing along! Listen to them while you and your friends figure out who gets to be in the middle of your human centipede costume! Feel free to slip some of these

babies into your party playlist toward the end if your guests

continue to "haunt" your home too late into the night. We assure you it

will be far more effective than another spin through "The Monster Mash."

10. Cannibal Corpse -- "Frantic Disembowelment": The crowned kings of death metal provide you 2:41 worth of vomit-inducing growling and shredding. We couldn't think of a more difficult task than narrowing down the most disgusting Cannibal Corpse song.

9. Death -- "Scream Bloody Gore": The pride of Florida metal, this album is considered the first archetypical document for the death-metal genre. Unfortunately founding member Chuck Schuldiner passed away in 2001 from brain cancer. 

8. Carcass -- "Exhume to Consume": From across the pond, we have Carcass, a band that brings us the choice lyric "the festering stench of rotting flesh makes me drool as I consume." Gross.

7. Impaled -- "The Worms Crawl In": This band released a split seven-inch in Italy on a label named Headfucker Records. Enough said.


6. Dying Fetus -- "Skull Fucked": The band with the name most likely to bum out your parents, Dying Fetus are vets with a seriously long discography of barking and pummeling metal. Choice lyric from this tune would be "carve out your eyes, shit on your face, fuck you, fuck you, fuck you." I hope my Mom doesn't read this article.

5. Aborted -- "Eructations of Carnal Artistry": It's only appropriate that we follow up a Dying Fetus song with an Aborted song for the sake of theme. This ditty is about making a puppet out of a corpse. Jim Hensen is bummed.

4. Suffocation -- "Anomalistic Offerings": Ace number from the Long Island death-metal titans. This song contains imagery of drilling out your own skull to find the devil. 


3. Entombed -- "But Life Goes On": Before they invented the groove-oriented death 'n' roll genre, Entombed was a straight-up death-metal band, and a great one at that. This song is a fine example of their earlier work. 


2. Exhumed -- "Consuming Impulse": Exhumed are absolutely one of the best groups on the planet when it comes to disgusting concepts, and this song is no exception. It's about eating yourself to stay alive. Counterproductive, no?

1. Obituary -- "Chopped in Half": Another Florida band, Obituary are a death-metal band with a thrashy twist. Though they don't have many lyrics to their songs, their sound alone is seriously disgusting, but in the good way.

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David Von Bader