Hannibal Buress will Crack You Up at Revolution on June 24

Hannibal Buress is probably the least likely funnyman to appear on your television. For starters, his name isn't slipping off of tongues like mainstreamers Robin Williams, Chris Rock, Bill Cosby, Jerry Seinfeld, and the like... yet.

Buress has been dubbed a "comedian's comedian," probably due in part to his minimalist delivery and cerebral stand-up. He's been in the comedy game less than 10 years and he's already been on Fallon, done numerous comedy nights and tours, Comedy Central Specials, and scored a spot in the comedy special The Awkward Kings of Comedy.

After performing on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon in August of 2009, Buress opened for John Oliver in a stand-up tour, and was hired as a writer for Saturday Night Live almost instantly. Yeah, that SNL. So a lot of the really funny skits that came entirely out of left field this season -- that was partly thanks to him.

He'll be taking his jokes on tour and hitting up Revolution on June 24. Expect mentions of firefighter SUVs, how people always think he's named after Hannibal Lector, Amish dudes with BlackBerrys, and his obsession with apple juice. Don't say we didn't warn you.

Watch Hannibal Buress on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon after the jump.

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Christine Borges
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