Happy Birthday, Blowfly!

Clarence Reid, Miami's very own soulful singer/writer turned dirtiest rapper, is celebrating what seems like his millionth birthday this Friday at PS 14. (The party arrives on the heels of his actual birthday — truly his 70th — which was February 14). Still, this is a chance to see a piece of genuine Miami-based musical history.

Under his given name, Reid penned numerous soul songs for the likes of Bettie White, Sam & Dave, KC, and himself. Then he became Blowfly, turning to a full-time career of singing about dildos, dirty pussy, big dicks, and assorted sexual antics on a series of parody-type rap songs. He put out a bunch of party albums in the 1970s and, after touring intermittently for 20 years or so, teamed up with local music impresario Tom Bowker, formerly of Slammie Productions (and a contributor to this publication). With the new team-up, Blowfly refocused his career, completing a few international and national tours and releasing two albums on Jello Biafra's Alternative Tentacles label.

New Times got down with Bowker and Reid to try to gain some insight into his perverted musical soul and to find out if there were any special requests that needed to be fulfilled for the birthday celebration. Perhaps he wanted a special confection? Blowfly requested "a special pussy cake with Britney Spears' pussy tears and Beyonce Knowles' pussy souls on it." We also asked about upcoming releases. The man's reply is best left in his own words:

"The next album, Blowfly & Otto Von Schirach Present: Invasion of the Booty Snatchers, will come out whenever Otto finishes jerking off in his test tubes and shaving the middle part of his mustache. He jerks off so much that the keys on his laptop stick down, get covered with the hair from his female-booty-hole tickler, and our tracks only get half done.

"So, girls, if you want the new Blowfly album to come out, go find Otto and give him a hand job or some pussy. But make sure he don't squirt on the goddamned keyboard or else I will put the Blowfly curse on you: Heepers jeepers, devil's tea, when you wake up, there will be a ten-inch dick where your beautiful pussy used to be."

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Dominic Sirianni