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Happy Birthday Debbie, er, We Mean Deborah Gibson!

When Debbie Gibson's debut album, Out of the Blue, dropped in the early fall of 1987 I was already primed by a summer spent watching American music television and the inevitable crush on young Deborah was so well formed that when I saw the cassette at the record store at the CCCT shopping center in Caracas, I. Just. Had. To. Have. It.

She was 17 years old at the time, and I feel rather fortunate that the still good-looking Debbie came out into the musical consciousness of the planet when I too was in my teens. I am a little concerned that had I been older at the time, I still would've had to have that cassette tape for reasons other than listening pleasures.

What better way to look back at what is a rather varied career marked

by youth, pangs of rebelliousness and a flair for the theatrical than

with the videos. If memory serves, Debbie

Gibson's biggest act of rebellion might've been to change to the formal and

more mature Deborah. Kinda like all your favorite rappers with the "Lil"



This is the one that kicked it off righteously for Debbie, the saccharine and easily twisted "Out of the Blue" single. Aside from the quirky and dated "live action" photographs in the video, I'm sensing the evil robots behind Rebecca Black took some cues from this.

Debbie Gibson - "Out of the Blue"

By 1993, Gibson wasn't a teen powerhouse and this here track, "Losin' Myself" shows a different side of her by portraying an amalgam of the pop-rock, adult contemporary and club oriented fare that she had been messing with. There's also plenty of eye candy in the video. That's always nice.

Deborah Gibson - "Losin' Myself"

After this era of her career, Ms. Gibson was pointed in the direction of veteran punk rockers, The Circle Jerks by her producer Niko Bolas and appeared on their 1995 comeback album Oddities, Abnormalities and Curiosities singing backup vocals on a sweet cover of the Soft Boys' "I Wanna Destroy You" from their 1980 single. Might not cause a stir with the Tiger Beat crowd but it sure did get a surprise from the leather and Mohawk set.

Circle Jerks (feat. Debbie Gibson) - "I Wanna Destroy you"

Since 1992, Gibson's been active on the stage. For you thespians out there, I don't know what that means to the art you love or if there's some form of purism like when singers become actors. I am unaware of her chops on stage and quite frankly am not in a position to comment. This is a craft I am not acquainted with. In the meantime, here's a clip from her stint in Grease from 1993.

Sorry I don't have any nude shots from her 2005 Playboy spread -- but they are out there. Happy birthday Deb!

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