Happy Birthday, Pharrell Williams!

Here's a dude who falls into the "weird for weird's sake" category at the hands of most people but who also is clearly revered by the other fifty percent who know who he is. Personally, I hold him in partial blame for Snoop Dogg's 2004 "Drop It Like It's Hot" track that has violently lived in my brain since. But on to the birthday boy who turns thirty-nine years old today and has actually done quite a bit in so short a time.

Soloist, contributor, liqueur/clothing designer, composer, producer, flashy dresser; Pharrell's from that business savvy hip-hop generation that knows how to market themselves well and become household names with a heavier mix of brains over brawn.

Here's where he probably draws ire from his detractors as it seems that he can't please the jealous masses who point out things like his "rapping" skills but as the successes of The Neptunes (and all the producing pussy that gig garnered he and buddy Chad Hugo) and the amalgamated stylings of N.E.R.D., I can't help but think Pharrell's been on to something for a while.

Or maybe it's the overly narcissistic personal sexuality he continuously explores lyrically and in saccharine falsetto. Oh well, his work is catchy. 

In a completely unrelated note, it is worth it to point out that he shares a birthday with Christopher "Kid" Reid (of Kid 'n Play fame) and Agnetha Fältskog (of ABBA fame). Coincidences or unholy alliances? You be the judge.

When this track "dropped" it proved itself "hot" enough. It has been part of our consciousness ever since and a rather annoying marketing campaign for Sun Drop citrus soda.

Snoop Dogg ft. Pharrell - "Drop It Like It's Hot"

Pharrell likes to graffiti all over his half-pipe and throw parties with skinny girls and all his cool nerdy pals who know who Dr. Spock is and what "Vulcan" means. Somehow he gets Jay-Z in the mix to stop the frontin'. Word.

Pharrell ft. Jay-Z - "Frontin'"

Positive messages, pre-Star Wacker paranoia Randy Quaid in small yellow shorts and a high school gymnasium. Clearly a recipe for disaster.

N.E.R.D. - "Rock Star"

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