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Happy Birthday to the Philthiest Phil of All: Motörhead's Phil "Philthy Animal" Taylor!!!

It is absolutely true that Lucas Fox was Motörhead's first drummer, and you could even say that Mikkey Dee has become the definitive Motörhead drummer given his two-decade helm at the skins.

But when you talk Motörhead, you're talking classic music. Beyond the grasp of genres, loved by punks and heshers alike. You talk rising like gas prices during a hurricane, the embodiments of excess. You're talking about their two-time drummer (years 1975-1984, 1987-1992) Phil "Philthy Animal" Taylor.

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Comparing Philthy to the Muppets' Animal is no stretch of the imagination. His career in Motörhead's cavalcade of furious heaviness was accentuated and never truly deflated by constant skirmishes with the law and injuries to limbs and neck.  This became part of his lore, like the calcium deposit known as the "knob" on the back of his neck from a 1980 injury.

His is the stuff of legends. But even more important is the rapid-fire precision in which he propelled various classic Motörhead cuts and the fact that to this day, some people are convinced that he is Mexican somehow or maybe even American Indian, but certainly no subject to the crown. Look at that facial hair!

Born on this day in 1954 in Hasland, Chesterfield, England, Phil Taylor joined the Motörhead ranks in 1975 during the On Parole sessions and would hold that spot until the very memorable appearance on BBC's The Young Ones' 1984 season opening episode, "Bambi." Featuring House's Hugh Laurie and Stephen Fry.

After a departure from the band lasting until 1987, Taylor would again hold rhythm down until departing their ranks forever in 1992. Since then, he has busied himself in various projects like Waysted and drumming for numerous other musicians. Rapidly approaching his sixth decade, Taylor still embodies the youthful "I don't give a fuck" sangfroid that endeared him to Motörhead fans over three decades ago and is still considered "the" classic drummer for the outfit.

All due respect to Mikkey Dee, of course.

Motörhead - "Ace of Spades" (The Young Ones' "Bambi)

Motörhead - "Iron Horse/Born to Lose"

Motörhead - "Overkill"

Motörhead - "R.A.M.O.N.E.S."
In honor of Dee Dee's birthday this week as well.

Motörhead - "Bomber"

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