Have Yourself a Merry Little Punk Rock Christmas!

Ah! The Holidays are upon us, again, and nothing makes me feel more at ease during this hectic season than cheery songs full of goodwill messages and warm, huggy feelings! It's true! Nothing makes the Holidays better than traditional songs sung around the fire in the company of family and good friends. While there might be some great holiday tracks you can take to the streets in the finest of your Victorian dress, my family prefers some less traditional fare with modern twists. You can rest assured we'll be singing these come Noche Buena over the crackling skin of pork in the Caja China! So from my family to yours, have yourselves a merry little punk rock Christmas!

Nothing says family better than this little ditty by my favorite all-Jewish rock and roll ensemble, The Ramones!

The Ramones - "Merry Christmas (I Don't Want to Fight Tonight)

Some people might say that the recurring theme of the skull and cross-penises employed through numerous releases by this Chicago band could be "provocative" and in "poor taste," but let's be honest, with a song this sweet, aren't they vindicated their supposed trespasses?

The Dwarves - "Drinking Up Christmas

A lot of people would rather have the summer last forever, but we all know that can't be true. Maybe these long running skins have it wrong. It still touches on the number one reason for the yuletides, drinking! And you thought Jesus was the reason? Ha! Maybe Elton John's the reason!

The Business - "Step Into Christmas"

I know better than to argue with Lee Ving and he's pretty much a one-man ad campaign for the consumption of cheap American beers. One could posit that Ving's a year-round elf bringing his own brand of Christmas cheer to the masses.

FEAR - "Another Christmas Beer

Or we could be totally off-mark with this rendition of the classic holiday tune. Maybe Ving and co. don't really get the spirit of the season. Maybe Jesus is the reason afterall!

FEAR - "Fuck Christmas"

You can't have a Christmas playlist without some Godfathers of the genre putting in their two cents worth of mistletoe love. True believers from the Pacific Northwest.

The Sonics - "Don't Believe in Christmas"

Of course, what we truly want here at County Grind, is for you to enjoy your Holidays safely and with loud music. And maybe a kissing cousin or two.

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Abel Folgar