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Head Spins: DJ Anthony Pisano

Some people work at ambition while others are born to it. And then there are those who take the ambition they're born with and work it till it gels into something successful. And each success spurs even more successes, until, well, their names become synonymous with the very word succeed.

Such surely will be the case with 21-year-old South Jersey native and South Florida transplant named Anthony Pisano. The full-time FAU student (major: marketing; minor: commercial music) not only spins more than any other DJ north of the Miami-Dade County line but he also runs his own Ear Candy Entertainment. The latter is a company of like-minded DJs and producers who seem to have been bred with a drive to make a mark with everything they do.

And though Ear Candy seems to be how Pisano plans on conquering the world, we're here to speak about his head-spinning, which is virtually nonstop. From his weekend residence at the Seminole Hard Rock's Passion through his yearlong stand at Automatic Slim's, Pisano plays his crowd-pleasing open format to more folks than most people have even met in a lifetime.

Pisano also happens to spin with a swagger well beyond his years. And nowhere is that more in evidence than through his work at Bova Prime in Lauderdale and its sister swingery, Bova in Boca. See, both weekly gigs are when the cat teams with TAI Entertainment's pluperfect party throwers Tommy Pooch and Alan Roth, and that's where all the northern county swells come to strut and sway the night away. In fact, Bova's mix of minglers has that shady cool that only resolute affluence can bring about.

Which is to say the joint is jumping, and much of that jump is due to what DJ Pisano is dropping. He could be setting it off old-school style with House of Pain's immortal "Jump Around," or he could be breaking with "Beggin," that Frankie Valli-copped hit from Norway's Madcon. Either way, the blend of then and now fits the allure of the party perfectly, as well as the swellness of its crowded house.

Pisano got his DJ start running a blow-out college night at Saba Lounge in Boca. The party was called Rehab, and it ran for a year before Pisano pulled the plug. Not that it wasn't successful, mind you (see paragraph one), but that its success was simply a stepping stone to more successes (ditto). Among those successes were stints spinning with Gym Class Heroes at Lauderdale's Blue Martini, holding court for Jamie Foxx up in a Lighthouse Point mansion, and opening for Passion's bash for Samantha Ronson and Lindsay Lohan. But it was when Pisano spun for the cast of The Sopranos at the Hard Rock that he first got to work for Pooch. And when Tommy and Tai came back to tap him two years later, he was ready to revel with the big boys.

"Tommy's a legend in the biz," says Pisano. "And it's an honor and a privilege to work with him and the team at TAI." And, one suspects, Pisano's clocking every one of Pooch's moves, so that one day his name too will become similarly synonymous with unbridled success. Oh wait, too late. For those in the know, Pisano's name already is.

DJ Anthony Pisano's Current Top Five:

1. "The Way You Make Me Feel," Michael Jackson

2. "Take Your Time," S.O.S. Band

3. "Walking on the Moon," The-Dream featuring Kanye West

4. "Heartbreaker," John Legend featuring MSTRKRFT

5. "Knock You Down," Keri Hilson featuring Kanye West and Ne-Yo

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