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Head Spins: DJ Midas

Of all the kickass DJs represented by DJ Irie's Artist Related agency (and there are many ass-kickers on the roster), those who cite both Kings of Leon and Lil Jon on their hit lists have gotta be few and far between. Add the Ting Tings to the genre mix-up and the list of spinners who can handle it all shrinks considerably, right down to a single, solitary name.

That name is Midas. Like the Bond song says, he's the man with a spider's touch. Deft enough to leave no trace, clever enough to come under shadow of night, yet still nowhere near either silent and unseen. Like the creature in question, Midas also is blessed with a spinneret of sorts. But in his case, the web he spins is crafted from sonic gold and made to nab a very different species — people.

Specifically, Midas excels at trapping the kind of folks who swing by moonlight in joints like Feelgood's in Miami. Or at Miami's Big Fish, the waterfront venue known for dining and deal-making that's now become a de facto hot spot right alongside the city's namesake river.

Born in Providence, Rhode Island, but reared right here in South Florida, Midas has been playing for all sorts of swells since 2001, when he landed his first gig at downtown Lauderdale's Voodoo Lounge. From there, the nights came hot and heavy: Art Bar, Rokbar, Cameo, Pawn Shop, Off the Hookah, and Venue (now America's Backyard). Lately Midas has been found throwing down at Aero Bar and Cabana One, but it's Feelgood's where he's taken up residence and there where he holds forth three nights a week.

When Midas isn't pumping new blood into clubs from behind the decks, he's roaming the coast, dropping mix tapes in every hand smart enough to reach out and hold on. His Booth Rocker series is a particular favorite among aficionados, as is his aptly named tape The Touch, and all are as surprising as the live sets upon which Midas has made his name.

DJ Midas' Current Top Five:

1. "I'm the Ish (remix)," DJ Class featuring Lil Jon

2. "Great DJ (Calvin Harris remix)," the Ting Tings

3. "Gifted," Kanye West, Lykke Li, and Santogold

4. "Show Me Love 2009 (AC Slater remix)," Robin S. vs. Steve Angello and Laidback Luke

5. "Sex on Fire (Peter Sharkey and Peter Sar remix)," Kings of Leon

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John Hood