Head Spins: DJ Omi

Most people would be glad to have either smarts or sex appeal or a sense of timing; to have all three would make one positively giddy. That must be why DJ Omi's got such a wide smile on her well-chiseled face. See, not only is this chick good with a beat; she's also got brains and beauty backing her play. And that's a happy combination for anyone.

Yeah, you might say Bronx-born DJ Omi has got it all. But that would imply you had room to wedge a word in edgewise. And there ain't much talkin' on the dance floor, not when DJ Omi's in the booth anyway. Then, everything's set on move.

Omi's first spin was seven years ago at New York's Dorsia (yes, named after the exclusive eater Bret Easton Ellis' American Psycho). And for a few years, Dorsia was the place for the hip to hit on any given Saturday night, and much of that hit can be attributed to Omi. From there, she swung through a quick succession of Big Bad Apple hot spots, including Pink Elephant, before finally taking a stand at Marquee five years ago.

But even a borough as bustling as Manhattan can't kick up enough action for this lady head spinner. So when an international booking agent came calling, Omi answered at once. By the time Omi got back from Singapore, Bangkok, Kuala Lumpur, and Sri Lanka, she had the world-class cred she was looking for. And of all the faraway lands Omi set her spin in, she still digs Hong Kong the most. Well, most after South Florida, that is.

Yep, that's right: DJ Omi's transitioning down to our neck of the woods. And if the crowd that came out to hear her spin at Dream on July 10 is any indication, it's not a moment too soon. The party was called FUBAR, an ongoing series at the club that's become a primary stage for some of the world's best house DJs.

That's why Artist Related booked Omi to play there. And that's where her sexy mix of mashup seemed to be built from a home hewn in heaven. Omi played the likes of CeCe Peniston, Stephanie Carcache, Ralphi Rosario, Britney, and Billy Rae Martin, and each of those collisions sent the crowd into the clouds. By the time Omi dropped in a flip of the Veronicas' "Untouched" and Kings of Leon's "Sex on Fire," there wasn't a place on Earth that could contain their joy.

Of all the clubs and all the crowds, though, Omi seems proudest about getting the nod from former President Bill Clinton. The night-crawling ex-commander in chief first heard Omi at Gotham Hall, where she was handling the beats for Esquire's 75th anniversary party. And after that night, he had his people invite her to do the same for a fundraiser over at Hammerstein Ballroom. Omi now counts herself as the Clinton Global Initiative's resident DJ.

This Thursday at Opium Hard Rock, Omi will face off against local favorite DJ Jessica Who? for a full-on battle royal. I won't even hazard a guess who will win – if anything, both head spinners will come out on top. And it's a perfect opportunity for South Florida's electro-friendly house crowd to get with our newest resident DJ — and a damned good way to get lost in the happy sound of right now. You ready to smile?

DJ Omi's Current Top Five:

1. "Walking on a Dream (Kaskade Remix)," Empire of the Sun

2. "Need the F*cking Best," Drake vs. Laidback Luke vs. DJ Omi

3. "Sex on Fire (I Am Sam & Sam Gee Remix)," Kings of Leon

4. "Bottles Flying," J-Mello

5. "She Loves Me," Serani

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John Hood