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Head Spins: DJ Vertigo

Like the architecture degree he keeps sequestered, and the dizzying heights implied by his name, DJ Vertigo structures some truly classic nights on the town. Sure, the head spinner's using sound, rather than steel and concrete, to create what he envisions. But that doesn't make the edifices any less enduring, or formidable.

Born and raised right in Lauderdale, with bouts at both UM and FIU under his belt, DJ Vertigo's been putting the BPM back and forth between Dade and Broward for nine years now. His format is what's commonly called open, but to Vertigo it's simply "no rules; just music."

Ah, if only nightlife were so simple. When Vertigo first started out, Living Room was still hot, Level was just closing, Oxygen was still open, and Opium was brand-spanking new. Still, says Vertigo, "Back then everything was hip- hop, hip-hop, hip-hop. And very few DJs would drop in anything else." Perhaps that's why all of the above hired the sound-slinger, 'cause even way back then, people still could see ahead.

Had they looked both close and far, they would have seen DJ Vertigo eventually handling three out of every four Saturdays at Pangaea at the Seminole Hard Rock, and on the fourth flying out to Pangaea Austin to wow all those Texans. They'd also see him slipping up to New York for stints at such hotspots as Home, Guest House, and Hawaiian Tropic, as well as the odd showing at Coconut Grove's just-opened Cabana One. And by the time you read this, Vertigo should be holding court on Fridays at the Fontainebleau's LIV.

Had those folks listened, they would have heard a cat scratching tracks from such acts as LMFAO ("who are really, really hot right now") and Lady Gaga (who we all need to "keep an eye on"), and then letting Kanye have his say alongside the likes of Ron Browz and Busta Rhymes. They too would have heard the word of one who sees "house making a comeback," Crookers taking over, and electro "bridging the gap."

They also would have felt the beat of a man who's "always been a fan of the big boys," such as Kid Capri and DJ Camilo, and, "obviously Irie, for his energy, his skills, and his business savvy." And while it's true that Vertigo's a member of Irie's esteemed Artist Related stable, one gets the impression that he'd be handing out props to Miami's master mixer regardless.

Come February, Vertigo's expanding his realm to everything from hosting a hush-hush Grammy party to hitting Acapulco's Palladium. But fret not, you without an invite or a ticket, for there are still those three Saturdays at Pangaea, and, if the Fontainebleau comes through, those Fridays at LIV.

So, ascend the heights and take in Vertigo -- dizzy doesn't get much more exhilarating.

DJ Vertigo's Current Top Five:
1. "I'm in Miami Bitch," LMFAO
2. "Shooting Star (Party Rock Remix)," David Rush a.k.a. Young Boss feat. Pitbull and LMFAO
3. "Great DJ (Calvin Harris Remix)," the Ting Tings
4. "Pop Champagne," Ron Browz
5. "Arab Money," Busta Rhymes

Three Saturdays a month at Pangaea, Hollywood. www.myspace.com/djvertigomiami

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