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Head Spins: Top Feelin

​Anyone who has swung through Miami's Design District on any given Tuesday over the last two years would have noticed a fair bit of bedlam. Not that there have been riots -- but there has been the kind of heavy traffic that comes about when something successful is going down. In this case though, "successful" barely even begins to describe the mad action that takes place each week.

The "it" in question is a party called Lavish, the hosts are the renowned Headliner Marketing Group, and the bash kicks off like clockwork every Tuesday at the King is Dead. Actually, strike that last clock simile, because there isn't a timepiece in all of Switzerland that can keep up with this night's kicks.

Let's call it a time bomb and be done with it. Really. Once you set foot in this party, analogies will be the last thing that springs to your skull. Instead you'll be swayed by the pump and the grind, the hustle and the flow, the give and the take and the get. Mostly though, you'll know you're just where you need to be.

And feeding that need is DJ Top Feelin. TF, as we'll call him for brevity's sake, is one of those wide-open-format head-spinners who've got a decided emphasis on hip-hop. TF handles the King's inside room, and that's where Lavish most resolutely jumps off.

But TF has more to his game than a single night's throwdown. On Thursdays he tables the sharp turns at Pangaea, in the Seminole Hard Rock, and on Fridays he does likewise at Karma in South Beach. And if his patented mix of classic and contemporary doesn't get you going, well, you may already be long done gone.

TF was born in Queens, but he was raised right here on the Miami streets. Prior to his current residencies, he's held forth everywhere from Nikki Beach to Gulfstream to Karu & Y. Still, it was his three-year stint waxing wise at Opium about which he seems most proud.

Then again, any beat master with enough on the money to let early Biggie or EPMD come up against something from Trey Songz or Slip N Slide pretty much has his name down. If he can then knock out the bottom and drop in some salsa or some rock, hell, his name may be destined to be up in lights. Of course, in an area that puts pleasure before everything else, a name like Top Feelin is bound to be one you can trust.

Top Feelin's Current Top Five:

1. "Say Ahh," Trey Songz
2. "All the Way Turnt Up," Travis Porter
3. "O Lets Do It," Waka Flocka Fame
4. "Bad Romance," Lady Gaga
5. "Rock This Party," Bob Sinclar

DJ Top Feelin. Tuesdays at the King is Dead, Miami. Thursdays at Pangaea at the Hard Rock, Hollywood. Fridays at Karma, Miami Beach. myspace.com/djtopfeelinmusic

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