Hear Hums Debuts Sparkling "Shrines" Video

Gainesville residents (by way of West Palm Beach) Hear Hums have just released a music video for "Shrines." This is the first track offered from their upcoming record Opens. Before watching, take note of the fact that this was shot and edited entirely by the band themselves.

Hear Hums are known for use of projection during their live shows,

often utilizing streaming, amorphous images that are brightly colored.

This of course fits in well with their music, which would accompany any mystical journey into deep recesses of the mind's eye.

They've created a perfect melding of these two concept in the music video, which provides kaleidoscopic visuals of spliced reels of smoke, fire, the beach, rolling tides, and sparks; all filtered through a green and purple sheen of colors.

The song itself is somewhat of a different approach from them. It is less dramatic than what we've seen in the music video for "Cerebellum/Woo," from last year's Psyche Cycles. Not to say that it isn't good, because it is. "Shrines" has a more eastern feel rather than the spacey, ambient songs we're accustomed to. With a humming sitar melody set to bell chimes and a simplistic, rhythmic drum beat, "Shrines" lulls one into a state of serene drifting, much like rolling in the undertow as a tide comes in.


Hear Hums - Shrines from Hear Hums on Vimeo.

For more music videos and information regarding Hear Hums, visit their profile on Vimeo, or their official blog.

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Ryan Burk