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Hear Hums' Psychedelic Experience Taking Over Little Munich

Hear Hums' blend of experimental sounds and visuals constructs a portal for travel beyond the realm the listener currently inhabits. Begun as the solo music project of Mitch Meyers, the idea evolved into a multimedia exercise in consciousness alteration when Kenzie Cooke and (now former member) Marcos Gasc brought their enthusiasm for the music and passion for film into the mix and started regularly incorporating visuals and their own musical contributions into Hear Hums' live shows.

The result is psychedelic and captivating — picture a guy and gal drumming like possessed shamans soaking in ethereal, colorful soup. Delicious. Recently, Hear Hums released their second album, 2010's Psyche Cycles, which offers trippy soundscapes for at-home astral travel. Rounding out the bill are experimental, electronic artists Sumsun and Attached Hands and minimal piano-and-drum pop duo Daymoths. Only the latter will be offering any assistance in helping you find your way back to Earth. Happy travels.

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Travis Newbill

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