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Hear Hums' "Toad Licking," From Sumsun-Curated Sample Based Life Vol. 2

Our fascination with Glimpses of the South Florida Scene alums Hear Hums -- a psychedelic troupe with ties to West Palm Beach and heightened consciousness -- continues with a new track called "Toad Licking."

Tipped by AWD Castles, the song will be featured on the forthcoming second volume of Sample Based Life, which is being curated by local kindred spirit Sumsun. While we await Hear Hums' follow-up to Psyche Circles, titled Opens, this sound collage is a nostalgic excursion back to the pre-Sung Tongs years of Animal Collective before things got so damn watered down with melody and pop hooks.

Water turns out to be the operative word here, though. There's enough gurgling, dripping, splashing, sloshing, and associated noise happening throughout the slow-building acoustic shuffle of "Toad Licking." Once there's a genre dubbed "new new age," stuff like this -- which has a true connection to nature without being a boring bummer -- will have a place to call home.

Hear Hums - Toad Licking by countygrind

Download the MP3 here, if you wish.

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