Hear Hums Uses Kickstarter to Launch a Tour

​Late last year we featured Hear Hums, an experimentally inclined duo from Gainesville by way of West Palm Beach, in our

Glimpses of the South Florida Scene blog column. Now, the twosome hopes to launch a

lengthy tour from Florida up to the northeast and into Canada in May. Like many other upcoming acts, though, the band was seriously lacking the funds to make that happen. 

No problem, though, as the Internet is here to help. Hear Hums created a page on online arts funding platform Kickstarter where fans can pledge financial support. Luckily the band, which combines kaleidoscopic visuals with a phantasmagoric instrumental show, has built a rabid following throughout the sunshine state. The Orlando Music News even featured its plight in a recent story.

The original goal was modest: just $300, which has now been surpassed in just a few days. The current donation tally as we type this is up to $475, and the project will be funded on May 21. 

Still, though, the band is leaving the page open in case the generosity continues to flow. Yesterday, they posted this updated statement:

"I wanted to thank everyone who has made a donation thus far to help us on our tour. We appreciate anything and everything guys. We'll be making an announcement about sending out the collages, personally crafted jams, and CD mailing as well as sending over a new song soon. Feel free to message us here or contact us at hearhums@gmail.com for anything. We have reached $300 and we are so thankful! It's going to cost a lot more to put on the tour so we would stil gladly accept any donations. Thank you very much all!"

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Join the New Times community and help support independent local journalism in South Florida.