Heavy Heavy Dieseleaters

San Jose's Heavy Heavy Low Low plays a mixture of light, ambient synth-rock and space jazz. OK, so that's obviously bullshit. The band's called Heavy Heavy Low Low for a reason — there's nothing New Age about it, just loads of sludgy, metallic riffage and agitated, screamo-style vocals. It's all in the name, right? Well, sort of. On tour with HHLL is Ed Gein, a noisy, thrashy, grindcore group named after Wisconsin's late serial killer (though the band hails from Syracuse, New York). With all three members sharing vocal duties, Ed Gein's music is brutal, as it should be. But on the album Judas Goats & Dieseleaters, the lyrics are more about social issues than rotting corpses — as they should be. After all, no serial killer will ever match the body-count numbers of a "war president."

Heavy Heavy Low Low, Ed Gein, Ligeia, and Nights Like These perform Tuesday, October 3, at Ray's Downtown, 519 Clematis St., West Palm Beach. The show starts at 7 p.m. Tickets cost $10. Call 561-835-1577, or visit

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Jason Budjinski