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(Hed)P.E. Headlines Strange Noize Tour

In a day and age when rap metal is practically a dirty term, the Strange Noize Tour is still waving the flag high and proud. Organized and headlined by Orange County rap-rockers (Hed) P.E. and billed as "the biggest and most notorious underground rock and hip-hop festival," past tours have featured such rap-rock royalty as Insane Clown Posse, Kottonmouth Kings, and Tech Nyne.

This year, look out for Las Vegas biker rapper Big B, Kottonmouth Kings' Johnny Richter, La Coka Nostra's Slaine, and former Tech Nyne hype man Kutt Calhoun — all of whom are signed to the same two labels, Suburban Noize and Strange Music. Although most of the acts on this bill may actually be more rap than rock, the demographic this tour attracts is unchanged; expect plenty of angsty, face-painted stomp-moshers with a propensity for jumping all over people who are just trying to watch the show. Proceed with caution if attending only for a specific artist on the bill. Otherwise, go nuts.

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Jasper Delaini

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