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Help Make a South Florida Music Documentary Possible Via Kickstarter

Ian Grandjean is the brains behind We Are Music, a documentary project aiming to create a time capsule of the current upswing of South Florida music talent. In order to fund this admirable task, a Kickstarter project has been launched -- and with two weeks to go, he's already halfway there. Having witnessed many of the bands he plans to cover in a live setting -- Surfer Blood, the Dewars, Shit Ton of Funk, and the Jameses, to name a few -- it's exciting to see how the thing will turn out.

Keep reading to find out Grandjean's inspiration for the project, and click on the handy widget to support the cause.

New Times: What gave you the idea to do this documentary in the first place?

Ian Grandjean: It all started about a year ago, when I had to do a school film project. I decided to make a documentary about some local musicians that my uncle knew. Unfortunately, the deadline was very close, so I just edited a quick trailer basically for a documentary that didn't exist... Time passed until the summer came along. I began to think about what the focus would be. I had realized that a new Florida music scene was emerging and that this was my chance to document everything as it was happening. I would make a music documentary following all these great bands as they are starting out and as they begin to create something special. When planning this documentary, I envisioned that one day people will look back and be astonished that someone documented all these fantastic musicians as they all were starting out.

How did you get in contact with the bands, and who are you planning to feature?

My brother Stephan has played the biggest part in helping me get in contact with most of the bands. They all are about the same age, and they all have gone to pretty much the same high schools and colleges. They all have been very willing to do an interview. As of right now, I am planning to feature some bands like Blind Man's Colour, the Dewars, Surfer Blood, Shit Ton of Funk, the Jameses, Totem Pole, Viernes, Emily Reo, and many, many others. It all depends. I have since decided that the documentary is going to have fewer bands but more in-depth interviews. Also I am planning to interview some bigger bands when they come to town like the Flaming Lips, Beach House, and the Black Keys just to ask them about how they started out and how they have established themselves in the music scene.

What other music documentaries have you seen, and what inspires your work?

I have been watching a lot of surf documentaries because they are similar to my documentary in the way that they are about capturing a surfing scene or a group of surfers. I am trying to do the same but with a music scene and a group of musicians. The music itself inspires my work. I really wanted to make a document about people creating music that I think is great. It also inspires me that I am able to tell a story and get the word out about the great lesser-known musicians from Florida who are just waiting to be heard.

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