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Help Mend a Heart: New Found Glory Singer's Mom Sick, Without Insurance and Needs Your Help

​If you've lived in South Florida for any length of time, chances are, there are fewer than six degrees of separation between you and the tight-knit Pundik family. Of the three creative Pundik kids, Jordan is the singer for New Found Glory (and is currently on tour with his friends in Dashboard Confessional -- Chris Carrabba, et al). Jordan's bro Daniel used to play in bands before relocating to Carlsbad, California where he now works as a chef. And sis Edra is a singer-slash-makeup artist who's engaged to Alex Vidal, who for years has been a huge promoter of local shows and parties. 

The siblings, whose inspiring family life has been documented in revealing articles over the years, freaked out when their mom Maureen started to get sick just before Thanksgiving. On Friday, she had chest pains and was rushed to Holy Cross hospital. Doctors found a strange virus infecting her heart.  She needed an immediate pacemaker, and son Daniel says that she also has fluid being drained and a special pump that is moving blood to her heart.

The family says that Jackson Memorial Hospital is the only local facility equipped to give mom a necessary heart transplant and subsequent care. Problem is that Jackson won't treat her unless she can pay -- and despite working hard and paying for insurance her whole life, mom has been uninsured after she was laid off and her COBRA insurance ran out.  Through a website and outreach efforts, the family has raised $27,000 so far "but I don't know if less than $500,000 is going to make a difference at this point," says Alex. To help out, visit

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