Herbieman's Last Show of the Year, This Saturday at Wallflower Gallery

​Music fans around town are likely already familiar with Herbieman. He's been making a name for himself both around town and abroad since 2003.  An Argentine-born singer-songwriter with a penchant for composition, Herbieman's sound is at times straight rock, at others more folky, but always heartfelt. His MySpace actually draws the comparison in the 'sounds like' line, "early Lenny Kravitz meets John Mayer on acid." Having never personally had the pleasure of hanging out with John Mayer and tripping acid, I can neither confirm nor deny that.

You definitely want to take advantage of this one last opportunity to catch Herbieman and his band live this year. He won't be gigging again until next. And who knows, once you see them live and direct, you may be the next Herbiemanite.

...okay, that's not a real word. Yet. But once it becomes one, you remember I coined it.

Herbieman performs live at Wallflower Gallery (10 NE 3rd ST) this Saturday, November 21 at 10pm. Cover is $5.

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