Heroic Action at the Retro Arcade in the Face of Blackout Videogame Drama

​Disclaimer: The following is simply one account of the February Retro Arcade event and does not necessarily reflect what actually happened.

Saturday night, a good-sized crowd of game nerds and novice joystick wielders came together at the Retro Arcade for their monthly open play event. Like last month, the event was a great time for all... Until the machines ran out of gas. That's right, the one thing that could go wrong in a room full of videogames switched to "free play" happened.

Not everyone knows that these magical portals into pixelated worlds are fueled by a mixture of Donkey Kong urine and dark matter, but they are. The tragic loss of power happened just as this writer was about to break the world record at Pac Man. I was pissed! And everyone else was too. Instantly the scene turned into a suspicion-filled drama, with everyone trying to solve the mystery of the blackout.

Justice and order were eventually restored, but not before some heroic action, especially on the part of yours truly. Read on for an illustrated recap.

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