Highlights from Tupac's Film Career on His 40th Birthday

The spotlight on Tupac Shakur's life often focuses on his musical ventures, but people seem to forget about his career on the big screen. From Janet Jackson to Tim Roth and even Mickey Rourke, Tupac co-starred

alongside some of Hollywood's big players. So in honor of the legendary hip-hop artist's 40th birthday, we

compiled a few highlights from his filmography.

Click through the jump to see some of Tupac's film highlights. Beware many of them are NSFW due to language, so you might want to turn the speakers down in the office.

1. "Juice" (1992) - Appearing alongside Omar Epps, this was Tupac's first starring role. How many times can one person say "fuck" in under a minute?

2. "Poetic Justice" (1993) - Tupac vs. Janet? Need we say more?

3. "A Different World" (1993) - Ok it's not a movie, but c'mon seeing Tupac on a sitcom? Couldn't leave that out.

4. "Above the Rim" (1994) - Definitely Tupac's greatest film role.

5. "Gridlock'd" (1997) - Released after Tupac's death, the stabbing debate with Tim Roth is quite hilarious.

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