Hollow Leg: "Florida Is Home. It Is the Swamp. It Is the Abyss."

Bred in Massachusetts and tempered in Florida's sun, Hollow Leg started off as a duo with original members Brent and Tim. When reviewing their first full-length effort, Instinct, I once wrote: "There is nothing imaginary about where these two dudes store their energy. Nah, the hollow leg here refers to the actual hadron collider of doom sludge and booze these guys bring forth." The addition of Junior Bruce's Tom and Scott multiplied the heaviness of this band by a hundred.

Operating somewhere between Jacksonville and Deland, Hollow Leg is a great friend of South Florida and its metal scene. With the recent release of the formal four-piece's Abysmal, we had a chance to catch up with Brent on what it means to add members to their act, South Florida bands they love, and the passing of Junior Bruce's Brett Tanner.

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Abel Folgar