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Holly Hunt Releases Year One; Beatriz Monteavaro Talks About Her Beloved Ludwig

The powers that be really knew what they were doing when they decided to coordinate Art Basel with finals week. The result was a perfect storm of deadlines and distractions that few who engaged in both walked out of alive.  

Kudos, Satan. You win again.

Though hell week is over, there is still plenty going on in South Florida, as one if its favorite children, Holly Hunt, is releasing its debut LP, Year One on Roofless Records, today. We were able to get in a few words in with drummer Beatriz Monteavaro somewhere between her and partner and fellow Holly Hunt musician Gavin Perry's art studio open and the album release. We caught up with her on where she got her start as a drummer, early influences, and her drum kit. 

New Times: We read recently that you're playing on your third kit, the Ludwig. How'd you come across it?  Was it love at first sight or did it grow on you?
Beatriz Monteavaro: I remember I had gotten some birthday money, Resurrection Drums was having a big sale. They had two stores then, one in Dade on in Broward. I went to the Broward store and was actually interested in this green four-piece set, but it was like way outside of my budget, so, that was not going to work. 

The extremely nice, Mr. Clean-looking owner John, suggested I go to the Miami store to see what he called a 'pink' Ludwig kit. I think the color is actually 'Flame Shadow'. I had already seen this kit, and liked it very much. It sounded amazing. I had to borrow more money to get it. 

It has served me well.
You mentioned before that, you had a drum instructor. What did he/she go over in your lessons? Was it drum-set stuff? Or just snare drum? I'm curious to know what was covered in those sessions, and what you took from it.
I think it was mostly snare stuff, rudiments. There must have been some drum set stuff, because I can read very basic drum set tab. I think the most valuable thing I got from lessons was getting proper orientation on the set. What I mean is, I hadn't been playing with the snare between my legs, and I was playing the bass drum with my left leg, so I was all backwards. So the teacher got me to play regular righthand style, which is a very good thing. 

As far as lessons go, I think they are better for a beginner, or for maintenance for a more advanced player. I really think I got the most learning from playing along to records that I liked.
Can you name a few of those records?
Very early, 
Dynasty, KISS. Later on, Beauty and the Beat and Vacation, both by the Go-Go's
; Kings of the Wild Frontier, Adam and the Ants; 
The Swing, INXS; 
The Clash and Give 'Em Enough Rope, The Clash. Later still, Bucky Fellini, the Dead Milkmen; 
Boiled Beef and Rotting Teeth, Mudhoney
; Supersonic Storybook, Urge Overkill; 
Strap It On, Helmet; and then really, you learn a lot from playing with different bands.

Torche, Holly Hunt, Post Teens, the Tunnel. Roofless Records, Torche 7" release and Holly Hunt 12" release party. 9 p.m., Friday, Dec. 13, Churchill's Pub, 5501 NE Second Ave., Miami. $10 entrance. 

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