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Holly Hunt, Shroud Eater, and Slashpine to Make Green Room Dark and Metally at County Grind Live on July 21

Review from last month's County Grind Live
New Times Broward-Palm Beach artners with Green Room to bring you into our family, presenting us in the flesh while also curating fantastically entertaining musical gatherings.

After last month's kick ass (kick ass, because there's no better word to describe the night) show featuring Jacuzzi Boys, Lil Daggers, and the Gun Hoes, we knew BPB was hungry for more solid lineups. When chatting with Randy Piro of Orbweaver (our pick for Best Metal Band 2012) about the abundance of metal acts in BPB, we realized that BroCo clearly loves metal.

What does all of that mean? It means we're bringing a metal showcase to Green Room this July 21: Loud, dark, sometimes too creepy, always delightfully disturbing metal with Holly Hunt, Slashpine, and Shroud Eater. County Grind is here again to tell you that we will not steer you in the wrong direction when it comes to local music. We promise to give you the fucking best of South Florida. When you see the flyer Bleeding Palm designed for the event, you'll understand what quality is. And the chocolate covered cherry on top of the sundae: Bleeding Palm will be collaborating with Audio Junkie to create customized visuals, screened behind each band. Dude. Not to be missed.

Click over and press play. Once you hear these three bands, your black heart will melt.

Shroud Eater

You're not going to want to miss Shroud Eater, which is headed up by

two lovely ladies and a dude on drums. Guitarist Jean Saiz presents possibly the most metal voice

possible sans an Adam's apple.

We met with Slashpine last night for drinks and questions about darkness and Obamacare. Read about it on County Grind tomorrow. 

Holly Hunt
Beatriz Monteavaro (formerly of Floor and Beings) and Gavin Perry of Holly Hunt are not only the members of one of the most respected and beloved current local bands, they're also both visual artists. They recently toured with the "worst band in America" Scrapping Teeth and though you can find them performing around Miami, this will be their first time playing Broward County. This couple musically strips down metal to its barest beauty, and presents it naked and deep onstage.

Also, check out this The Heat Lighting post where you can take a pornographic peek at Perry and Monteavaro's gear. Yes, gear porn. There's some good pictures in there too of pedals and drumsticks.

And now, Bleeding Palm:

County Grind Live at 10 p.m. on July 21 with Holly Hunt, Shroud Eater, and Slashpine at Green Room, 109 SW Second Ave., Fort Lauderdale. Entrance is $5. RSVP here!

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